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Meet the Makers

Meet the Maker… Rachel Russell
How did you get started as a designer-maker and is it a full time job? Design is my full time job but I don’t spend all my time designing and making things to sell on Folksy. Most of my time is spent working on graphic design commissions for companies and wedding clients. I started illustrating and working […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Rachel Russell’.
Meet the Maker… Joy Salt, Joys of Glass
joy Just some of my glass (2)
How did you get started as a designer maker and is it a full time job ? In January 2008 I took a leaded glass course at the WI’s Denman College in Oxfordshire. I’ve always crafted but using fabric and needles not a glass cutter and soldering iron. I loved every minute and fired with enthusiasm on […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Joy Salt, Joys of Glass’.
Meet the Maker… Heidi Meier, Textile Treasures
Heidi 2
How did you get started as a designer-maker? I have always enjoyed sewing, and my mother used to be a dab hand at making things for the family when we were children, so it has always seemed natural for me to dabble with a needle and a sewing machine. I had been sewing on and off for […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Heidi Meier, Textile Treasures’.
Meet the Maker… Morven Mulgrew, With Love from Paris
morven collar
Talk us through your collection. I am a designer who loves texture. I work with materials that inspire me and the WithLoveFromParis is a collection of accessories made out of old lace and natural leather. Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Morven Mulgrew, With Love from Paris’.
Meet the Maker… Emma Lamb
© emma lamb - studio - 3a
Talk us through your collection. Currently my collection consists of exclusively hand crocheted home wares including cushion covers, Forever Flower Garlands, pot holders, pincushions, Merry Mobiles, decorations and occasionally blankets. With every piece I crochet I’m always aiming to strike a playful balance between the fabulous retro style of the 1940s / 1950s; the simplicity […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Emma Lamb’.
Meet the Maker… Karen Weston of Edie Sloane
How did you get started as a designer-maker and is it a full time job? Well, I would always be making something as a child, whether it was outfits for my Sindys or the latest Blue Peter make, so I guess it was in my blood. I went to art college and trained as a […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Karen Weston of Edie Sloane’.
Meet the Maker… Gabrielle Reith, Small Stories
A few weeks ago I posted an image of a hand carved brooch featuring a Mummy fox and her cubs huddling together under a tree. Titled Fantastic Mrs Fox the image gained more likes and shares than any I’d posted previously. With a reaction like that, it only seemed fair that we meet the maker…… […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Gabrielle Reith, Small Stories’.
Meet the Maker… Helen Burgess
How did you get started as a designer-maker? I have always loved creating and designing things, I had studied art and design at college and then went on to study a degree in three dimensional multi-disciplinary design which gave me the chance to explore different design principles. In my spare time I would make beaded jewellery but longed […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Helen Burgess’.
Keith Newstead of CK Automata
It was such a treat to find Keith Newstead on Folksy recently. An artist whose work is frequently bought by collectors and museums around the world, Keith wanted to create pieces of automata that could be owned by everybody and so opened his Folksy shop selling some of his more simple designs. Read more – ‘Keith Newstead of CK Automata’.
Meet the Maker… Carol Meldrum, BeatKnit
How did you get started as a designer-maker and is it a full time job? I studied knitted textiles at Art School and after graduating I worked for a knitwear manufacturer in based in Scotland. We designed and produced garments for a lot of High Street retailers along with the more traditional Fair Isle designs. I started […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Carol Meldrum, BeatKnit’.
Meet the Maker… Lydia Wall
Lydia Wall 4
How did you get started as a designer/maker and is it a full time job? I started making hats through a necessity.. I had to fix a bowler hat that I used for juggling! It got damaged and one of my repair options was to go to a free millinery course being run by Crisis (at Skylight […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Lydia Wall’.
Meet the Maker… Alex McQuade
How did you get started as a designer-maker and is it a full time job? I’ve always been inspired by my Mum and her natural talent towards textiles/craft and from a very early age I was introduced to a lot of art and craft techniques. After A-levels I went on to do an Art and Design foundation […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Alex McQuade’.
Meet the Maker… Katarzyna Blachowicz, Kaila Jewellery
How did you get started as a designer-maker and is it a full time job? As long as I remember I’ve always liked creating things with my hands. First, it was knitting, crocheting, then sewing and painting. However, I found my real passion in jewellery making. I discovered that while traveling in India and Nepal. […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Katarzyna Blachowicz, Kaila Jewellery’.
Meet the Maker… Cassia Beck – Violet May
How did you get started as a designer-maker and is it a full time job? It has alway been a hobby for me, I have been creative for as long as I can remember. I began selling my work around five years ago. I was pregnant with my first child and wanted to work from […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Cassia Beck – Violet May’.
Meet the Makers… Jam & Ali from Hello DODO
How did you get started as designer-makers and is it a full time job? We met at university back in 2004 where Ali studied analogue photography and Jam studied graphic communication with typography. After graduating we never intended to collaborate but a combination of pent up creativity and both sharing the same sense of humour […] Read more – ‘Meet the Makers… Jam & Ali from Hello DODO’.
Meet the Maker… Charlotte Done, Strange Bird Designs
folk 3 pictures
Talk us through your collection. First there are my illustrations, which are mainly of Strange Birds or other strange bird-like creatures. I love the birds on bikes a lot and really want to draw some more, but right now I have a bigger urge to create patterns and I can’t seem to stop. The patterns […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Charlotte Done, Strange Bird Designs’.
Meet the Makers… Bread and Jam
Work 02
How did you get started as designer-makers and is it a full time job? We’ve both been creative people from an early age. Bread and Jam started as a result of pooling both creative minds for one purpose. We have both been doing our own things on Folksy for some time now but doing it together just […] Read more – ‘Meet the Makers… Bread and Jam’.
Meet the Maker… Kayleigh O’Mara
How did you get started as a designer maker and is it your full-time job? Whilst I was studying illustration at university, my tutor organised a Zine Fair which a few of us joined in with. I made a few little ‘zines about my recent travels and I had also just been introduced to shrink plastic, a […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Kayleigh O’Mara’.
Meet the Maker… Emma Verner-Webb, The Cotton Potter
Emmabirds with branch
How long have you been selling your work on Folksy? I started selling on Folksy in August 2009, so three years now – where has that time gone?!  After a little break I returned recently with a range of made-to-order birds.  I missed the community-friendly feel of Folksy and it’s lovely to be back. Tell […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Emma Verner-Webb, The Cotton Potter’.
Meet the Maker… Jane Foster
Jane FosterP1070455
Tell us about your work? I’ve 2 main passions – screen printing and collecting vintage fabrics from the 50s, 60s and 70s. I screen print my illustrations onto paper to sell as prints but also screen print onto fabric to make quirky toys and cushions. Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Jane Foster’.
Meet the Maker – Emily Platt, Lost In Knit
Emily Platt Twistedtradtitions2
Every so often on Folksy we come across something that just cannot be ignored. Something that we share around the office, get excited about and promise to share with you guys. Stumbling upon Lost in Knit was one of those times. Yes, I know it’s mid-summer and you’re not ready for woolly jumpers yet but […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker – Emily Platt, Lost In Knit’.
Meet the Makers – Jilly Bird
Jilly Bird coffee pot green pepper mug 2
Jilly Bird was set up in 2012 by Martin Bird and Jill Adams to showcase their designs and products. Jill trained as a textile designer, selling her work across the UK, Europe and America. She has had her work sold in Selfridges, London, Covent Garden and been featured in Timeout and Grazia. She loves poodles and big […] Read more – ‘Meet the Makers – Jilly Bird’.
Meet The Maker – Lianne Mellor, Mellor Ware
Mellor Ware BTP_0104
Hands up if you love drinking tea? Ok, that’s a given. Hands up if you love drinking tea from a beautifully decorated tea set featuring cheeky little squirrels and foxes eating cake? Yes, I know, sounds fab right? Lianne Mellor of Folksy shop Mellor Ware talks us through her quirky collection. How long have you […] Read more – ‘Meet The Maker – Lianne Mellor, Mellor Ware’.
Meet the Maker… Gary Williams, Magik-City
How long have you been selling on Folksy? I’ve only just joined Folksy, I was previously selling on Etsy (still am) and thought I’d spread my wings and joined Folksy as I love the site, as I’m from Newcastle, I thought it was closer to home as opposed to Etsy which seems more American. Tell […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Gary Williams, Magik-City’.
Meet the Maker… Tinker Prince
Tinker prince blue butterfly
How long have you been selling on Folksy? I’ve been selling on Folksy for around 3 months. It’s so far proved really worthwhile, my Tinker Prince range has been gaining a lot of attention which is really exciting. Now that’s what we like to hear. So, tell us about your work. I create my imagery […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Tinker Prince’.
Meet the Maker… Holly Betton, Death by Tea
postcard front Folksy
How long have you been selling on Folksy? I have been selling on Folksy since February this year. I had heard about it from other designer-makers so had a look around and decided to join! Tell us about your work and the process you use? I am a designer, illustrator and professional colour-in-er. I graduated […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Holly Betton, Death by Tea’.
Meet the Maker… Jennifer Nicolson
Jenny Nicolson FBstyleshot2
How long have you been selling on Folksy? Not very long, I started selling my work in March but I have been an avid Folksy visitor for a couple of years now Tell us about your work? This is always tricky to sum up! Predominantly I work in silver. My collection includes a variety of […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Jennifer Nicolson’.
Meet the Maker – I Am Ami
How long have you been selling on Folksy? I set up i am ami on Folksy in March 2012 so my little online shop is brand spanking new.However although new to Folksy, I have been designing and making for a lot longer. If you ask my mum I have been making one thing or another since […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker – I Am Ami’.
Meet the Makers, wedding invitations by design team Artcadia
Husband and wife Richard and Vici-Jane Kohring make up the design & print team Artcadia. Making high quality bespoke wedding invitations, the couple seem to complement one another to create a perfect working partnership. Here Vici-Jane talks paper, pygmy goats and printing. Read more – ‘Meet the Makers, wedding invitations by design team Artcadia’.
Meet the Maker, Amanda John of Luti John
Luti John 7 Rainbow calsilica cabochon
I live in South Wales with my partner Paul, three elderly cats and one handsome dog. I have a grown up daughter Poppy who lives nearby. Aside from making jewellery, I’m a keen distance runner (I’ve run several marathons including running the Snowdonia marathon 3 times) and dream of living on a smallholding, but currently […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker, Amanda John of Luti John’.
Meet the Maker… Su Trindle, Quercus Silver
Quercus  big yellow ring 2206x1658
How long have you been selling on Folksy? I opened my shop when Folksy started but have only recently started building it up as I am busy studying for my Craft Design Diploma. I love the new look of Folksy. Tell us about your work? I use traditional jewellers skills in silver but I also enjoy using […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Su Trindle, Quercus Silver’.
Meet the Maker – Amy Blackwell, Blackoutwell
Amy Blackwell IMG_4397
The smile on my face grew wider and wider as I read the answers submitted by illustrator Amy Blackwell. Her work has the same effect on me; how can a cat in shades NOT make you smile? Sit back and allow Amy to warm your heart a little. How long have you been selling on […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker – Amy Blackwell, Blackoutwell’.
Meet the Maker – Angie Freese, Of Life and Lemons
Angie Freese coffee
Angie Freese of Folksy store Of Life and Lemons creates prints with a vintage feel. Phrases and images come together to form witty affirmations for life. After all, given enough tea, we could rule the world right? How long have you been selling on Folksy? I have been selling on Folksy since December 2011 so […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker – Angie Freese, Of Life and Lemons’.
Meet the Maker… Charlie Trimm
Charlie Trimm Lace Heart
Meet Charlie Trimm of Folksy store By Charlie’s Hand, she’s brilliant – I don’t need to say anymore than that. How long have you been selling on Folksy? I have been selling on Folksy for just over a year I started by listing a few original paper cuts but now it is my main selling place […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Charlie Trimm’.
Meet the Maker… Nicola Baker
Nicola Baker medium white with seeds 2
Fancy a peek inside  the wonderful world of designer-maker Nicola Baker? Go on then, peek away….. You’re a newbie on Folksy aren’t you?  I have only been selling on Folksy for a little over a month. The time has gone so fast and I have so much more to add to my shop. It’s so exciting! […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Nicola Baker’.
Meet the Maker… Sara Sinaguglia
sara bratby apple cosy
Fans of craft mag Mollie Makes will remember the cover image for Issue one; two hands cupped neatly around three apples, each sitting snuggly in it’s perfectly crocheted cosy. Dorset based Mother of two Sara Sinaguglia, is the designer maker behind those cute little cosies. We’re pleased to say she was discovered on Folksy first […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Sara Sinaguglia’.
Meet the Maker… Jenny McCabe, Coo & Co
coo studio montage
I discovered Coo & Co recently on Folksy and instantly became a fan. Prepare to fall in love with Jenny McCabe’s playful yet stylish collection of textile goodies. Tell us a little about yourself I live in Lancaster with my Husband and children, Jesse 14 & Joe 5 so as you can imagine it’s all […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Jenny McCabe, Coo & Co’.
Meet the Maker… Yvonne Ellen
Yvonne Ellen big lace plate
DJing owls, Flamingoes with Top Hats and the odd Pug Jug; Yvonne Ellen is my kind of girl. How long have you been selling on Folksy? I’ve only been selling on Folksy for around a month, so I’m the ‘new girl’ in town at the moment, just finding my feet! It’s great to be part […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Yvonne Ellen’.
Meet the Makers… YOKE
Let a bit of colour to your life with Mr & Mrs Yoke. I was taken with the bright, child-like simplicity of your work. Tell us about your designs. YOKE’s philosophy is keeping it simple and our iconic, bright, bold, beautiful illustrations are sure to brighten the gloomiest of days! We find the easiest way […] Read more – ‘Meet the Makers… YOKE’.
Meet the Maker… Cecily Vessey
Cecily Vessey Frankly first image 2
Admitting to an obsession with architecture, monochrome and graphics, Cecily Vessey realised in 2009 that it was time to make a career out of what she loved best. She now spends her days drawing pictures of London and turning these drawings into beautiful ceramic pieces for the home, prints for your wall, wedding stationery and […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Cecily Vessey’.
Meet the Maker… Agnis Smallwood
AgnisSmallwood - Hand Woven Rugs
Agnis Smallwood designs and makes stunning hand woven textiles on a lovely big wooden loom. Here she talks us through her work, her love of yarn and how the long hours are worth it in the end. Tell us about your work? My work is all hand woven textiles, using my natural surroundings to inspire my […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Agnis Smallwood’.
Meet the Maker… Kat Goldin, Slugs On The Refrigerator
Owl - Kat Golding
I’ve decided I want to be Kat Goldin. She’s one of these super talented designer, maker, mother, wife types. And I’m quite sure she’s gorgeous looking as well. With three children under five I’m surprised she can find her own elbow let alone run the family home, a beautiful blog and her very successful Folksy […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Kat Goldin, Slugs On The Refrigerator’.
Meet the Maker… Chloe Haywood, Hatastic!
Hatastic Flora by Hatastic! L'air du Temps highres
Fascinators may have fallen foul of the rules at Royal Ascot but that only goes to prove the huge rise in popularity of this often elaborate fashion accessory. We saw a trend in hats over the winter months and with the wedding season fast approaching it looks as if we can indulge in our love […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Chloe Haywood, Hatastic!’.
Meet the Maker… Lisa Hunt
Octoloon - Lisa Doodle
Lisa Doodle makes me smile. She’s the sort of character you’d find in a Wes Anderson film; a self confessed “optimistic scribbler” who lives in London “with her pencils”. Her artwork is equally quirky; the christmas card range featured kooky characters catching snowflakes on their tongue. Say hello to the ever-so lovely Lisa Hunt. Tell […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Lisa Hunt’.
Meet the Maker… Nicola Jones, Gooseberry Moon
Nicola Jones grew up in a creative family and was always encouraged to make things by hand. So it’s only natural that now, a mother herself, she launch her own creative business. She has a passion for paper, graphic design and colour, and admits to spending every spare moment combining all three to create striking […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Nicola Jones, Gooseberry Moon’.
Meet the Maker… Lou Edward
F:yarn and fabric knitting
Lou Edward of Wild Wool is about as mad on wool as you can get. That passion, combined with a desire to create individual, wearable pieces ensure’s Wild Wools place on my ever growing favourites list. Luckily for us she managed to take a few minutes out over the Christmas period to talk to Frankly. […] Read more – ‘Meet the Maker… Lou Edward’.
Meet… Claire-Louise Barlow
Button jewellery is a popular craft these days. You’ve got to think outside the box to really stand out in, what is now, a crowded marketplace. Claire-Lou of Folksy shop Realicoul has managed just that. She’s got a killer eye for colour, shape and pattern that forces her seriously funky range to get noticed. First […] Read more – ‘Meet… Claire-Louise Barlow’.
Meet… Julia Smith
butterfly and ladybird
Julia Smith isn’t quite sure what to call herself – a ceramic artist, designer or potter…. anything that adequately describes someone who loves to “muck about” with clay. From her studio in Ardersier near Inverness, Julia designs and makes delicately patterned ceramics intended for everyday use. When she’s not in her studio she reckons you’d […] Read more – ‘Meet… Julia Smith’.
Meet… Hannah Jones
Little Red Press Postcard with crown block
Hannah Jones is a self taught designer working from her spare room ‘studio’ in London. Whilst designing wedding invitations for a friend last year, Hannah discovered letterpress printing and immediately fell in love. In April this year she launched her Little Red Press Folksy shop and admits she hasn’t looked back. Letterpress printing is a highly […] Read more – ‘Meet… Hannah Jones’.
Meet… Rose Halstead
Plum and Pigeon
Plum and Pigeon is a new project by fashion graduate Rose Halstead. From her bedroom in Lancaster, Rose designs and makes vintage inspired clothes and accessories; the kind of clothes that make you want to ride bicycles, go on picnics and bake buns (no really!). I’m seriously considering buying one of each item…… Tell us […] Read more – ‘Meet… Rose Halstead’.
Meet… Alix Swan
Thumbalina Foldout
Alix Swan’s work always makes me wish I was more of a daydreamer. Fairy tales and fantasy are her thing and she does it well. Tiny keepsake story books using illustration, digital imagery and quotations from our favourite bedtime stories are designed and hand bound with a contemporary feel. The perfect Christmas gift for the […] Read more – ‘Meet… Alix Swan’.
Meet… Francesca Iannaccone
Francesca Iannaccone bought a second-hand copy of “The Middle Age of Mrs Eliot” by Angus Wilson back at art college to tear up and use in her first piece of work, it makes sense then that she call her Folksy shop Mrs Eliot Books. Here, the print artist from London tells us about wooden books, making lists […] Read more – ‘Meet… Francesca Iannaccone’.
Meet… Corrina Field
Corrina has worked full time as a glassmaker for more than 10 years, and in the last 2 years has added silver smithing to her bow. A self-confessed colour obsessive, Corrina's stunning glass baubles are a Christmas buy that can't help but make me smile. Her love of colour can also be seen her in silver work, drawing inspiration from the native jewellery designs of North America and Tibet. Read more – ‘Meet… Corrina Field’.
Meet… Sally Ayling
tin swan 5
From her studio in Stoke Newington Sally designs and makes all her own pieces. Methods include piercing, riveting, collaging, soldering, French crochet, and shaping on mandrels. No matter which material or method Sally uses, a strong work ethic remains consistent; that each piece should be handmade by her in it's entirety. It's this ethic that ensures Sally's work really stands out. You can't help but notice her pieces have been hand crafted by someone with real skill and talent. Read more – ‘Meet… Sally Ayling’.
Meet…Wendy Jeavons
From her studio Red Brick Glass on the Dorset coast, Wendy Jeavons makes rather gorgeous handmade glass products such as bunting, fairy lights, wreaths, lanterns and seasonal decorations. Here Wendy talks about her passion for glass, her lovely big kiln and her favourite pink radio! Tell us about your work? From my studio on the […] Read more – ‘Meet…Wendy Jeavons’.
Meet… Kirsty Elson
Kirsty Elson lives in Cornwall with her partner and two sons and admits they are all mad about the beach. This love inspired Kirsty to start her own business making sculpture, collage and textile decorations with a nautical feel. From lavender jelly fish to whale pin cushions, Kirsty’s work can’t fail to make you smile. […] Read more – ‘Meet… Kirsty Elson’.
Meet…Leanne Garrity of ChiChiDee Handmade
ChiChiDee Handmade
Leanne Garrity is a designer and maker of bright and quirky jewellery, accessories, homewares and toys. With a unique desire to explore, and a passion for recycling materials, Leanne's work is always full of surprises. If you haven't come across her yet, kick back, relax and meet the girl behind Folksy Shop ChiChiDee Handmade. Read more – ‘Meet…Leanne Garrity of ChiChiDee Handmade’.
Meet…Jools Yasities
Jools Yasities
Jools Yasities is a multi media artist working with watercolour, acrylic, charcoal, ink, stitch and collage to create bold designs inspired by nature. Jools lives in Widnes with her youngest daughter, Natascha and her "amazing, patient, supportive and long-suffering husband, Jay". Her other two children, Dominic and Hannah have flown the nest but I'm told still visit frequently for food! Her Folksy shop Art by Jools Yasities has been running for 6 months. Here Jools tells us about paper aeroplanes, getting lost in her work and how she always stops to smell the flowers. Read more – ‘Meet…Jools Yasities’.