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Frankly and Folksy move in together

Frankly and Folksy move in together

In 2011 we created Frankly to allow us to share the things we love from Folksy and beyond. The Folksy blog, we decided would be saved for seller specific posts; platform news, seller advice and updates. The two have happily existed side by side, as friendly neighbours, for the past 14 months.

Folksy is about making and selling, and in our world those two things go together like crackers and cheese. So, over Christmas we decided as a team that it was time to unite the two, to move them in together and see how they get on.

From today Frankly is moving in with our Folksy blog, they will become one in a brand spanking new tumblr; the perfect place for everything ‘making and selling’. As of today you can get your weekly dose of Maker interviews, regular expert advice on improving your making and selling online, links, images and tutorials from our favourite blogs and websites all in the one place

In it’s infancy it will require a little love and support from you, our wonderful readers, to ensure it grows into the awesome place we want it to be. You can like, share or re-blog our posts with your friends and of course you can follow the Folksy tumblr if you have your own Tumblr account. Feel free to send us great stuff you find and together we’ll foster the perfect place for inspiration, exploration, ideas, stories, learning, making and selling.

See you there!

(Image: On the move card by Birds on Bikes at


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