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Meet the Makers of the Exclusive Collection part 4

by Emily. Average Reading Time: almost 4 minutes.

Three Kings 1

Well I can sit here, all virtuous and smug because I bought my first Christmas present this week. Only erm, a fair few to go. And to help you along (you have started yeah?), not only have we put together a few rather wonderful themes for the Folksy homepage BUT we’ve got our Christmas Collection with 14 exclusive items for your Christmas shopping list. Meet the next three makers involved in the project……..

Three Kings Paper Ornaments by Ellen Deakin at Happy Thought £5.95

Happythought HQ is an outhouse at the end of the garden. I can’t be said to be a naturally tidy sort, so my desk is piled high with sketches, papercraft maquettes, pens, pencils and the odd hairy humbug as well as about four empty tea cups. But it is where the magic happens. Of a design variety.

Paper has always been a passion of mine. As well as drawing and crafting and as a child I was a serious stationery geek, never happier than when browsing at Paperchase or whiling away an hour or two at W.H.SMITHs comparing different coloured paperclips or post-it notes.

A husband and two children later and we were all crafting left right and centre, which made moving from illustration into papercraft designs a natural progression. Along with my husband Harry we launched Happythought. Our children Harvey and Missy are a constant source of inspiration and the prefect on-hand guinea pigs and sometime models for new creations.

The Woodland Mug by Martin Bird and Jill Adams of Jilly Bird £5.50

Martin: I divide my time between organising the Jilly Bird empire, writing theme tunes for the BBC and Radio 4 and chopping onions for curries. The music industry is not that different to the design world except that there are a lot more pencils used in design and musicians tend to prefer gaffa-tape to pritt-stick; they all equally love wine and, in my opinion, make as much noise as each other despite the vicious rumours.

Jilly Bird has been a long time in the making but at last we’ve now thrown ourselves into the public eye and have, thankfully, been pleasantly surprised at the response we’ve be getting.

Jill: I usually like to start my day by updating my blog at, checking the fridge, which is home to our calendar, and flicking through my large black sketch-book for any to-do lists I’ve made the day before. I love lists and there is nothing better than crossing off a task, or in my case, making another list.

As a family we have strong links with Sweden and so for this year’s festive season we’ve created a Scandinavian-inspired Christmas mug design. Our ‘Woodland Bird’ design has been created in Dala horse red and looks very smart on our white ceramic mugs.

Our Jilly Bird studio is based in Dorset on the south coast of England and is currently spread across two floors of our home which we share with three girls and two dogs. Working from home takes a certain amount of discipline not only to avoid eating biscuits all the time, but also to remember to stop working sometimes! But most days we feel pretty lucky to be spending our time doing what we love and we hope this shows in our work.

Set of 3 Be Happy notebooks by Stephanie Bertenshaw of Felt Mountain Studios £10

Felt Mountain Studios was set up by me, Stephanie Bertenshaw, an artist and designer living and working in my beautiful little hand-made home in the gorgeous village of Marsden, West Yorkshire, with my furniture maker boyfriend, Gaz and lovely ginger dog Lola.

I love art, design and creativity of all kinds, but especially those that uplift and inspire us. And this is exactly what I wish to do myself with my own work, because after all, what is more important then feeling happy?

I love my notebooks because they are simple but effective, and I love that they are handy sized so people can carry them around and doodle their dreams and wishes in them as they go. My Christmas notebooks were lots of fun to do because there is so much inspiration around this time of year, (I am a big fan of a Christmas tree) and I wanted people to have an alternative to the usual Christmas cards with more ‘thoughtful’ gifts that would last until the next Christmas, and not just be thrown away when the new year is over!

See our full exclusive collection here. Go on, get Christmas shopping!