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My Essential Craft Kit – Leanne Lucas, Lulu & Luca

by Emily. Average Reading Time: about 2 minutes.


Scrummy hand printed fabrics are the main feature in Leanne Lucas’ work. We found out what essential items she needs to create her ‘must have’ soft furnishings and accessories.

Lulu and Luca is bit of a labour of love which I started at the end of last year. A unique collection of hand printed accessories and soft furnishings handmade using natural, organic and the odd upcycled fabric. From developing the designs, to screen printing, through to the making, I use many tools so picking out 10 essential tools is a bit of a challenge, but I’ll give it a go.

1. Books – It’s always nice to have a good book around, be it art, design, print, pattern, vintage style or interiors, I find them a great source of inspiration.

2. Layout pad – whether it’s sketching or writing down ideas, it’s where the design process begins.

3. Apple Mac – Coming from a design background, I find the mac a dream to work on. A wonderful tool that has many functions and is a great way to turn my sketches into repeat prints.

4. Aluminium screen printing frame – I have a few of these in different sizes and mesh counts and depending on the type of design affects which screen I use. The aluminium frames are much lighter than the wooden ones so much easier to work with and transport back and forth to the studio.

5. Squeegee – They come in a multitude of sizes, blade types and handles but I tend to stick to the soft bullnose blade, it seems to work best for me.

6. Screen printing board – This enables the kitchen table to easily transform into a printing table and then back in time for dinner! A DIY piece I made myself using a large piece of MDF, an old woollen blanket, a piece of calico and a staple gun.

7. G Clamp – I picked this up from a local builders merchant and is a cheap, effective alternative to the screen printing clamps you can buy.

8. Jam jars – I have quite a collection of these having convinced myself that I would one day find the time to make a batch of jam or chutney to give out to friends and family. However until that day, they make great vessels for keeping left over inks.

9. Tape measure – This has been my trusty companion since studying fashion at Northumbria a fair few years ago and has never been more than an arms length away.

10. Sewing machine – This is the final, yet probably most essential tool in my kit and the last port of call in the design process for turning the designs into products.

Leanne’s work can be found on Folksy, Lulu and Luca.