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Lucy Foakes – Inspired by…

by Emily. Average Reading Time: about 2 minutes.

Lucy Foakes 'Contemporary Canopics' 2009 (photo credits James Mann) LJF (H30cm W15cm each) ceramic and acrylic

Lucy Foakes is an artist using both traditional and modern techniques to “make non functional vessels for metaphorical remains of the deceased”. Slightly ‘grim’ you may think but Lucy’s contemporary canopics won the BDC Award at New Designers in 2010 with judges congratulating her on her “witty combination of ancient symbolism and iconic imagery”. Read on to discover what inspires this wonderfully quirky maker……

1. Elvis Presley

One of the many icons of the 20th century which inspire my work. The story of his life as a celebrity is fascinating to me. He loved his peanut-butter-and-banana sandwiches (fried of course) and other treats. It is all quite strange and tragic, overall a very interesting character… (and a hottie in the early days!)

2. Ancient Egypt

Pretty broad choice I know, covers something like 2000/3000 years. I love the style of artwork, the colours, all the GOLD! The stories behind all the deities and gods, the splendour of the pharaoh’s lives contrasted to the brutality of the peasants. And of course all the gory bits with mummies and organs!

3. Andy Warhol

The strange pale man who inhabited New York shocked the world with his reproductions of photos, drawings and adverts. Created because he said it was ‘easier’, he paved the way for new celebrity art and became a celebrity himself because of it. He has immortalised many and seems to sum up the term pop art.

Also I just love how weird he is… His diaries have strange details like exact cab fares and brutal descriptions of socialites.

4. Anything from Manish Arora

His designs BLOW MY MIND! Each piece is more intricate and colourful and brighter than the last. I love this piece in paricular; the gold trim, and the innovative leg-jewellery (If that’s what it’s called??). Reminds me that maybe not ‘anything is possible’ but maybe 99.9% of what you come up with is.

5. Yeasayer

In the same vein as the phrase ‘only boring people get bored’, if you listen to dull dreary music, your thoughts will be just that. Yeasayer makes multi layered surreal colourful creations, in music and video form. It is to be watched and taken in bit by bit, to breed inspired and strange thoughts.. Which is how we get our best ideas! Surely!?

More of Lucy’s wonderful creations can be found on her website. You can follow Lucy on Twitter or Pinterest. If you’d like to browse ceramics on Folksy we have a whole heap of lovely stuff here.