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Instagram - buttons photo

If there’s one thing I miss in the wordy world of Facebook and Twitter it’s pictures. This is especially true when it comes to crafting and making. Here we all are, busy creating these beautiful products & more often than not others are only able to see the finished product. What about the making process itself? The tools, the fabrics, the ideas, the mess, the mistakes.

So, it got me thinking about photo sharing and in particular Instagram. If you don’t know it, it’s a really lovely way of sharing photos from your iPhone with your “followers” – much like flickr but more immediate. Your followers can then comment on, and “like” your posts. And don’t worry if you don’t have an iPhone; Instagram can be viewed by anyone through Webstagram.

Bracelet by @tonyarmstrong
Posted by @tonyarmstrong
Crafting by @sorayahamid
Posted by @sorayahamid
Felt by @charliethegeek
Posted by @charliethegeek

Folksy got started on Instagram this month (@FolksyHQ) and by tagging each photo with the words #folksy and #craft it means other like minded people can find our pictures. Searching the #folksy hashtag already reveals a wonderful collection of crafting pictures and is a brilliant source of inspiration to anyone needing it.

Cotton Spools by @folksyhq
Posted by @folksyhq
Crafting by @lanegret
Posted by @lanegret
Block printing by @pannya2
Posted by @pannya2

So we’re on a mission to get you creative with your cameras and give other craft lovers out there something to make them smile (it’s good exposure for you and your work as well). You can download Instagram for free from the App Store and remember to tag your pictures with #folksy so we can find you. Good luck!