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Meet the Maker… Lisa Hunt

by Emily. Average Reading Time: about 4 minutes.

Octoloon - Lisa Doodle

Lisa Doodle makes me smile. She’s the sort of character you’d find in a Wes Anderson film; a self confessed “optimistic scribbler” who lives in London “with her pencils”. Her artwork is equally quirky; the christmas card range featured kooky characters catching snowflakes on their tongue. Say hello to the ever-so lovely Lisa Hunt.

Tell us about your work?

My work is character based, usually around animals or objects, inspired by simple organic shapes and retro colour palettes. I work as a freelance illustrator predominantly for the children’s market, but have an unhealthy obsession with stationary, paper products, and greetings cards. Over the years friends and family had asked me to start making cards which I eventually got around to doing last christmas.

Lisa Hunt - Five scoops high
Lisa Hunt - Five scoops high

Do you have a favourite piece of work?

The image I particularly enjoyed creating was ‘Grandma Baking’. I enjoyed capturing the joy and enthusiasm of an old lady baking, and all the colours fell magically into place. Most of my drawings remind me of my life at the time it was created and this was a particularly happy time.

Lisa Hunt Baking_s
Lisa Hunt - Baking

When did it all begin for you?

A cliche I know, but it all began when I was very small. Being an only child, drawing was the easiest way to entertain myself. I loved the illustrations in my children’s books and would keep favourite birthday and christmas cards. Growing up, I always hand made cards for my parents and grandparents which continued into adulthood.

Lisa Hunt - Flamingo
Lisa Hunt - Flamingo

Tell us about your work space? 

I’ve not long moved house so my work space is quite new. I have a small room filled with books, paper, and items that inspire me. Some days at first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it is perhaps a messy child’s playroom! I have always had the ability to find a comfy corner (which could be amidst absolute chaos), zone out and draw. My favourite place is in front of a tv, half watching, half drawing. I seem to produce my best scribbles whilst I’m ‘free wheeling’ between my pad and the telly. I also love drawing on the end of my friends comfy sofa accompanied by their biscuit barrel and a cup of tea. They are very kind to me!

Describe your day as a maker? Are you organised and disciplined?

I would describe my working day as ‘organised chaos’. I have days where work is slow and I’m wrestling with an idea, but then usually in the early hours of the morning I’ll get a flash of inspiration and work through the night. I am very much a night owl. There is also a lot of tea and coffee involved! You really have to be disciplined though as deadlines are always on the horizon and need to be met.

Lisa Hunt - I wishy for a fishy
Lisa Hunt - I wishy for a fishy

What three tools could you not live without?

I couldn’t live without my computer, graphics tablet or my Pentel 0.3 pencil. Everything stops if I can’t find it!

What gets the creative juices flowing when creativity is stifled?

Living 20 minutes away from London by train is great for inspiration. I go there to look around the book, stationary and comic shops. Also getting away from my desk and seeing friends and family helps when in need of a creative recharge!

Are you inspired by any artists from the past or present?

There are so many inspirational and talented illustrators and artists who I admire, too many for me to list! I have always loved the sketches and illustrations created by artists from animation studios such as Pixar, Dreamworks and the London based studio, Studio AKA. Oliver Jeffers is also a favourite artist of mine. He brought extra joy when he collaborated with Studio AKA to make the animated film ‘Lost and Found’.

Oliver Jeffers - Lost and Found
Oliver Jeffers - Lost and Found

How do you know when a piece is done?

Sometimes I know instantly when a piece of work is finished and other times it can take a while. However long though it is quite a magical moment when a piece is ‘done’!

What do you love most about being a maker?

What I love most about being a maker is to hear / see people enjoying what I have created.

Lisa Hunt - The Love Boat
Lisa Hunt - The Love Boat

Where would you like to be in 5 years time?

In 5 years time I would love to be involved in even more creative projects and have a work space (a large window and inspiring busy view would be nice!) away from home so I can have a little journey too and from it everyday. A studio with others would be great.

What would you say to any makers starting out?

I would say always make things that you are excited about creating as it will show through in your final piece. Also never give up. Push through the negatives and never lose sight of your dream no matter how big or small.


You can browse and buy more of Lisa’s products in her Folksy Shop Lisa Doodle Illustration.