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The Clog Maker

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Jeremy Atkinson - Pixie clogs
Jeremy Atkinson - Pixie clogs

Clogs! I’ve noticed a trend for these typically Dutch wooden soled shoes this winter so, not content with naff high street imitations, I’ve dug out the last of the traditional cloggers making bespoke clogs in England. If you like your shoes to stand out Jeremy Atkinson is the man for you. Hand dyed, hand carved and with the ability to include your own bespoke design, Jeremy’s clogs are unique in every way.

Jeremy Atkinson - Welsh Flap Boot
Jeremy Atkinson - Welsh Flap Boot

From a line of cloggers that stretches back centuries Jeremy is keen to keep this dying tradition alive, “I was taught by a man, who was taught by a  man, who was taught by a man. I have in turn taught a Welshman, it’s only fair”.

Jeremy Atkinson
Jeremy Atkinson

His passion for clog making is also evident on his website The Clogmaker where he talks at length about the materials and techniques he uses, “I tend to use young 20-30 year old Welsh Marches sycamore cut green with the centuries old traditional 3 swivel knives out of a split trunk of between 6 – 8 inches in diameter.” If you want to get geeky about clog making this is the place to do it.

Jeremy Atkinson - Spanish One-Piece Boot
Jeremy Atkinson - Spanish One-Piece Boot

With prices starting at £155 a pair of these beautifully hand crafted shoes are almost too good to wear! If, on the other hand, you fancy trying your hand at clog making and helping to keep this rare tradition alive, Jeremy demonstrates at many UK craft shows throughout the year. Keep your eye on his website for details.

9 comments on ‘The Clog Maker’

  1. Wow! I’d love a pair of these. They are beautiful!

  2. Hannelore says:

    Gorgeous as these shoes are they are not based on Dutch clogs as they are completely made of wood (and quite uncomfortable to wear) Still a brilliant skill to keep alive!

  3. Gay says:

    They are beautifully made and stylish toooooo. Wonderful and inspirational.

  4. I dance in clogs. They’re great. You can’t beat a hand-crafted pair of clogs!

  5. Gelert Design says:

    Fans of the band New Model Army still wear clogs, though they tend to make a pilgrimage to Hebden Bridge to buy them from Walkelys. They’re really popular and really comfortable too.
    Great to see clogs on the rise again.

  6. These are stunning!! I have a weak spot for cloggs – I think that harks back to my NMA fan days too 😉 I’d love a pair of these…Dear Santa…

  7. Grasi says:

    Shoes that will last forever, love your cloggs especially the Welsh Flapp Boots. Brilliant

  8. niki and noel hill says:

    Hello Jeremy great to see you are still working. Fantastic clogs as always. Now you are wondering “who can this be?” ……just two of your many fans!! (soled out shoemakers)

  9. Diarmuid MacDonald says:

    I first met Jeremy over twenty years ago at a craft fair and thought his hand made approach to clogs absolutely amazing. I commissioned a pair on the spot and these are still going strong and look as good as they did originally. I have just had him make me another pair and they are brilliant and should last a life time.

    Jeremy is a jewel in the modern world and deserves to reach a wider audience for his craft and skills.

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