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The BEST craft books for Christmas
We’re constantly sent books to review on Frankly so it’s only fair we have a good nosey through them over a few cups of tea and report back on our favourites. Get your Wish lists out folks, there are some corkers here. Remake It: Clothes rrp £16.95 This is a comprehensive book that encourages makers […] Read more – ‘The BEST craft books for Christmas’.
Merchant & Mills – Sewing Book
Now and then something arrives on the doormat at Folksy HQ that makes us all down tools and take notice. The new “Sewing Book” by Merchant & Mills did just that. Over whelmed by frilly craft books in pastel palettes the Sewing Book is a welcome change. Think 19th century newspaper print with a hefty […] Read more – ‘Merchant & Mills – Sewing Book’.
Sewing School – at last!
Sewing School - your online source for all things sewing — Ask Sewing School
AT LAST – someone (besides our Mum) to help us overcome our sewing machine fears, pass on great tips and share fab little sewing projects along the way….The Sewing School (it even has a glossary!) Here are a couple of my favourite posts: Read more – ‘Sewing School – at last!’.
10% off at Plümo!
After falling in love with you talented makers at Folksy, the girls at Plümo picked their Top Five Folksy makers for a special blog post on Frankly last week. Today they’ve gone one step further and offered all Folksy fans a 10% discount on their Autumn/Winter collection until the 28th August! Just use code FOLKSY10 at […] Read more – ‘10% off at Plümo!’.
Best craft books for the summer
We all dream of lazy Sunday afternoons in the garden with a good book. But with a zillion titles to choose from how do you pick the right one for you? Well, we’ve made it a *little* easier for you by choosing our 5 top summer craft books. From bonkers tea cosy patterns to pretty […] Read more – ‘Best craft books for the summer’.
We Love Real
A red box landed on my desk this morning. A very lovely, bright red box. It was sent to me after I agreed to be one of the 50 founding members of the latest social network We Love Real; the physical network. In a bid to “bring the feeling back to life”, We Love Real, […] Read more – ‘We Love Real’.
Lego sewing machine, Reverse applique & The Seed Library….
sue bulmer textiles-005
There’s a gazillion things we’d love to share today but, we’ve managed to whittle it down to our favourite four. Enjoy! The Lego Sewing Machine How can you not love this? US blogger and designer Betz White posted this on her blog recently – made by her 10yr old son, it’s a lego sewing machine […] Read more – ‘Lego sewing machine, Reverse applique & The Seed Library….’.
Frankly on Flipboard!
So if you don’t know Flipboard it’s a rather lovely app for reading all your favourite content in one place; you add your social networks, favourite websites and blogs, and Flipboard presents it to you in a fuss free, easily readable magazine format. Lovely. So we were super pleased to learn over the weekend that […] Read more – ‘Frankly on Flipboard!’.
Craft Community Love
Cut Out + Keep is a BRILLIANT online community for making and sharing step-by-step craft tutorials. Recently celebrating it’s 100,000 member, we caught up with the lady behind it all, Cat Morley. Where did Cut Out + Keep all begin? Cut Out + Keep started as my craft blog while I was in University. I […] Read more – ‘Craft Community Love’.
How hats are made…..
It’s not every day you get to take a peek behind the scenes of hat making. But Sorensen-Grundy Milliners have allowed us to do just that with their recent ‘Construction Overhead‘ project. Using 1:87 scale track maintenance workers and doll’s house floor boards for the scaffolding, milliners Dan Sorensen and Sara Grundy have created this […] Read more – ‘How hats are made…..’.
The Letterpress Studio
Danny Cooke letterpress-950x425
Letterpress printing began in the mid 1400’s when a German blacksmith, Johannes Gutenberg developed the first modern moveable type printer. By the 20th Century, fully automated presses had been introduced and manual letter pressing looked to become a redundant skill. Luckily the craft has been kept alive by lovers of it’s simplicity, tactility and beauty […] Read more – ‘The Letterpress Studio’.
The Red List
I have to tell you about The Red List. My new favourite website. Launched on the 17th of January 2012 by Delphine de Canecaude, a Paris-based art director and a photography expert, this design ‘trend book’ provides users with free access to thousands of images – both contemporary and historical – all sorted, filed, labelled and […] Read more – ‘The Red List’.
Say it in pictures
Instagram - buttons photo
If there’s one thing I miss in the wordy world of Facebook and Twitter it’s pictures. This is especially true when it comes to crafting and making. Here we all are, busy creating these beautiful products & more often than not others are only able to see the finished product. What about the making process […] Read more – ‘Say it in pictures’.
A little vintage inspiration
Fancy a little vintage inspiration? This glorious film, Island People from the British Councils collection, shows the day-to-day lives of the British family in 1941; their varied careers, an unwavering passion for sport and dancing and a love for the occasional, well-deserved drink at a traditional public house. The original aim of this film was […] Read more – ‘A little vintage inspiration’.
Books to kick start your creativity in 2012.
Sometimes it can take a while to get the engine running in January. You’re full up on mince pies, mulled wine and board games and the thought of getting back into the swing of things can be a little daunting. Here are a few of my favourite books to help get your crafty engine running […] Read more – ‘Books to kick start your creativity in 2012.’.
State of Craft – Victoria Woodcock
State Of Craft cover
Victoria Woodcock admits that when she wrote her first book “Making Stuff: an Alternative Craft Book”, it felt like a call to arms; like she and other makers had to shout to be heard, to carry forward a manifesto that fit with the new way of making and selling. If Making Stuff was the determined […] Read more – ‘State of Craft – Victoria Woodcock’.
Folk Art. I love it.
Four days ago I didn’t know if I liked ‘Folk Art’. To be honest, I’m not even sure I could have given you a succinct definition of the term. A vague mention of canal barges and American Shaker chairs would have been all you’d get. An impromptu family visit to stately home and art gallery, […] Read more – ‘Folk Art. I love it.’.
Craftacular London!
The BUST magazine Christmas Craftacular is back this Sunday 27th November. From 12pm – 6pm, York Hall in Bethnal Green will play host to over 70 seriously cool makers, DJ’s, drinks and DIY workshops. Folksy have put together a particularly special field guide to help you get the most out of the event (pick one […] Read more – ‘Craftacular London!’.
The Power of Making
Rotational moulded shoe, Marloes ten Bhömer. © Marloes ten Bhömer
I think it’s fair to say that anything the Crafts Council does is well worth a look but when you put them together with the V&A, well then you know you’re going to get something really special. ‘The Power of Making’ is an eclectic selection of over 100 exquisitely crafted objects, from the (now well […] Read more – ‘The Power of Making’.
The Clog Maker
Clogs! I've noticed a trend for these typically Dutch wooden soled shoes this winter so, not content with naff high street imitations, I've dug out the last of the traditional cloggers making bespoke clogs in England. If you like your shoes to stand out Jeremy Atkinson is the man for you. Hand dyed, hand carved and with the ability to include your own bespoke design, Jeremy's clogs are unique in every way. Read more – ‘The Clog Maker’.
Lost in Lace
Annie Bascoul
Wherever you are in the UK, this exhibition looks to be a MUST for your winter diary. Curated by Lesley Miller MBE, Professor of Textile Culture at University for the Creative Arts, Lost In Lace features 20 UK and International artists, all inspired by the language of lace. Asked to move beyond their normal margins of practice, many of the artists have created large scale installations that look to challenge our perception of textiles and space. I'll be honest, it's got my a little bit excited. As if the press release wasn't enough, the Crafts Council sent me a sneaky peek of some of the works as they were being installed this week so I've selected a few to share with you. Read more – ‘Lost in Lace’.
The New Artisans by Olivier Dupon
This is the kind of book that makes you swoon. Profiling over 70 contemporary craftspeople from around the world Olivier Dupon attempts, and succeeds, in bringing back the noble status of the “artisan”. Featuring craftspeople from a wide range of creative practices, from ceramics to textiles, metalwork to glass there is a wonderful artistic quality […] Read more – ‘The New Artisans by Olivier Dupon’.
Linotype: The Film
In 1886 Ottmar Mergenthaler invented a revolutionary typecasting machine he called the Linotype. At the time it transformed the way information was communicated by mechanizing the type setting process for print, a process which had, up until that point, been painstakingly done by hand. Hailed as the “Eighth Wonder of the World” by Thomas Edison […] Read more – ‘Linotype: The Film’.
Nineteenth Century Knitting Patterns
Part of Richard Rutt's incredible collection of knitting books held at Winchester School of Art Library have been digitized by the University of Southampton and are now available to view and download from the Visual Arts Database Services (VADS). Read more – ‘Nineteenth Century Knitting Patterns’.
29 Ways To Stay Creative
Came across the lovely video this morning on Craft Blog UK. 29 Ways To Stay Creative is a beautifully illustrated list of simple ways to keep your creative juices flowing. If you're feeling stuck today this could help you on your way! Read more – ‘29 Ways To Stay Creative’.
Mr. Smiths Letterpress
At the V&A's Power of Making exhibition last week I was drawn to the short films submitted by artists and designers featuring their making process. One that really stood out for me was Mr Smith's Letterpress Workshop by Gavin Lucas for Creative Review. Read more – ‘Mr. Smiths Letterpress’.