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Sian Meades, Domestic Sluttery
Domestic Sluttery is a blog dedicated to making ordinary things extraordinary. “We want our homes to look good, we want damn tasty food and we want our outfits to be unusual”. But like all modern women, they don’t have the time (or the inclination!) to cook a five course meal, re-decorate the entire house or […] Read more – ‘Sian Meades, Domestic Sluttery’.
An illustrators inspiration….. Lizzie Dixon
Lizzie Dixon bare necessities
I find so many inspirational things at every twist and turn it can be difficult to filter. Sometimes it comes from the most unexpected of places and I could harp on till kingdom come about all of these and more, so I’m afraid there may be a little waffle amongst the following! However, I have […] Read more – ‘An illustrators inspiration….. Lizzie Dixon’.
Elizabeth Peers, Inspired By……
Max and Pip_ElizabethPeers
International artist-silversmith Elizabeth Peers draws the inspiration for her unique, feminine pieces from the human form. She is often drawn to unusual markings and characteristics and is captured by the playfulness of the curves, crevices or creases that delineate our bodies. Elizabeth uses casting, chasing and free-form raising techniques to produce these folds, bulges and […] Read more – ‘Elizabeth Peers, Inspired By……’.
What inspires the girls behind Cellardoor Magazine?
cellardoor C-D-HEAD
Cellardoor is a online quarterly magazine offering creative inspiration to sassy young women around the …. well around the world I guess. Created by best buddies Jade Cooper-Collins and Amy Power, the magazine is a cool, kooky, feminine collection of music, fashion, food, literature and other bits and bobs the pair feel compelled to share. […] Read more – ‘What inspires the girls behind Cellardoor Magazine?’.
Tortie Hoare & Natalie Brady – Inspired By…
Recommended to me by the Crafts Council, Tortie Hoare is a furniture designer with incredible discipline; devoted to finding new ways of  making, she recently discovered the art of boiling leather in a bid to create more environmentally conscious pieces. Having recently began collaborating with Natalie Brady, the pair are in the midst of launching their […] Read more – ‘Tortie Hoare & Natalie Brady – Inspired By…’.
Lucy Foakes – Inspired by…
Lucy Foakes 'Contemporary Canopics' 2009 (photo credits James Mann) LJF (H30cm W15cm each) ceramic and acrylic
Lucy Foakes is an artist using both traditional and modern techniques to “make non functional vessels for metaphorical remains of the deceased”. Slightly ‘grim’ you may think but Lucy’s contemporary canopics won the BDC Award at New Designers in 2010 with judges congratulating her on her “witty combination of ancient symbolism and iconic imagery”. Read […] Read more – ‘Lucy Foakes – Inspired by…’.
Aimee Betts – Inspired By….
Aimee Betts 416785_410346788992406_266519930041760_1635054_57982022_n
Aimee Betts is a Mixed Media Embroidery Designer, with an admirable desire to bring the traditions of embroidery to the forefront of contemporary design practice. Selected by the Crafts Council to receive creative and business support as part of their 2011 Hothouse programme, Aimee Betts is on a roll. Here she pauses for 5 minutes […] Read more – ‘Aimee Betts – Inspired By….’.
James Bywood – Inspired by…
James Bywood oldmanofconiston_large
I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how I stumbled upon James Bywood, but I’m glad I did. Using printing and painting techniques, James brings some of Yorkshire’s best loved landmarks to life with bright, bold yellows, greens, purples and blues. You can tell he’s in love with the land around him, you can see it in […] Read more – ‘James Bywood – Inspired by…’.
Sue Bulmer – Inspired By…
sue bulmer textiles-005
Sue Bulmer is a Nottinghamshire-based artist. She does a damn fine job of creating original artworks, limited edition prints and greetings cards as well as a range of textiles for the home and kitchen. Here are her five greatest inspirations. I seem to find inspiration in so many places so to narrow it down to just […] Read more – ‘Sue Bulmer – Inspired By…’.
Adam Slade – Inspired By…
Adam Slade Dancing Skullfly's image
Surface designer Adam Slade shares his top inspirations. He’s pretty inspirational himself to be honest. One… Maxalot. It was after viewing this website, recommended to me by my lecturer that I was possessed by the mad urge to create a large scale mural wallpaper as part of my final collection. At times during the design phase […] Read more – ‘Adam Slade – Inspired By…’.
David Ryan Robinson – Inspired By…
How can you not be taken with a chap who’s latest project is a colossal drawing of London? The sketch books on his website are equally inspiring. So what inspires David Ryan Robinson? Cats and Pokemon characters of course. Read on….. Read more – ‘David Ryan Robinson – Inspired By…’.
Iona Brown – Inspired By…
Iona Brown cropped-double
Iona Brown caught my eye recently with her stunning jewellery collection made using a mixture of salt and metal. Her use of emerging salt crystals fascinates me. It’s a collection I really want to get my hands on, to have a close look at each piece, to see how it’s made, to touch it, smell […] Read more – ‘Iona Brown – Inspired By…’.
Anna Hunt – Inspired By…
Anna hunt _MG_4697
Anna Hunt works with ceramics to create objects of fine contemporary craft that “rekindle a forgotten, childlike sense of curiosity and delight”. I recently saw one of her major works, Stirring the Swarm, at Nottingham Castle – an installation of 10,000 ceramic insects that infested the central staircase. It was rather awesome. Read more – ‘Anna Hunt – Inspired By…’.
Rachel Coldicutt – Inspired by…..
We all take our inspiration from a number of different sources & it’s often fascinating to discover where other artists and designers take there’s from – if not just satisfyingly nosey. So I’ve created a new feature on Frankly which will do just that. I’ve asked artists, designers and creatives from around the UK to […] Read more – ‘Rachel Coldicutt – Inspired by…..’.