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Essential Kit

Matt Cox, My Essential Kit
Matthew Cox theothers
Matthew makes stunning musical instruments using an essential tool kit to be proud of! Like many others on Folksy I have not got the budget to go and buy what people might consider the proper equipment, so I have had to improvise on certain things. Some of the things I use I don’t feel I will […] Read more – ‘Matt Cox, My Essential Kit’.
My Essential Craft Kit – Leanne Lucas, Lulu & Luca
Scrummy hand printed fabrics are the main feature in Leanne Lucas’ work. We found out what essential items she needs to create her ‘must have’ soft furnishings and accessories. Read more – ‘My Essential Craft Kit – Leanne Lucas, Lulu & Luca’.
My Essential Kit – Alex McQuade
Cute little brooches and embroidered badges make up Alex McQuade‘s textile collection – oh, and the odd Westie! Here she lists the crafting tools she cannot live without. Read more – ‘My Essential Kit – Alex McQuade’.
My Essential Kit – Michelle Collier, Bisabuela
Bisabuela Bird pendant
Michelle Collier is a self taught designer maker living in Manchester. Using wood, resin, paper collage and dried flowers she has created a vintage inspired jewellery collection for her folksy shop Bisabuela. Her essential tool kit contains lots of everyday items and proves you don’t need an expensive craft kit to create something beautiful. Read more – ‘My Essential Kit – Michelle Collier, Bisabuela’.
My Essential Kit – Kimberley Golding, Mini Magpie
Mini Magpie is the new upcycled babywear brand by Kimberley Golding. Each kooky design is dictated by what she can make from pre-loved knitwear. Her signature piece – the woolly playsuits – have a fantastically retro feel to them – the kind of thing us 70’s babies lived in. Here she talks us through her […] Read more – ‘My Essential Kit – Kimberley Golding, Mini Magpie’.
My Essential Kit – Jackie Sullivan, Forever Foxed
Forever Foxed Gocco Essential Kit Greeting Card copy
Forever Foxed was established in 2007 to provide greeting cards, badges and gifts for the discerning pooch person. Terrier breeds provide the inspiration for designer Jackie Sullivan – who has a particular fondness for Wire Fox Terriers. Dog lover or not, the simplicity of Jackie’s designs are striking. Here she describes the equipment and process […] Read more – ‘My Essential Kit – Jackie Sullivan, Forever Foxed’.
My Essential Kit – Robyn Wilson, Rose Lullaby Dolls
We all love a good rummage around other peoples things & so every few weeks, here at Frankly we delve into the precious tool boxes of our favourite Folksy makers. Today it’s the turn of Robyn Wilson from Rose Lullaby Dolls to reveal the top ten crafting tools she cannot live without. Although these items are all […] Read more – ‘My Essential Kit – Robyn Wilson, Rose Lullaby Dolls’.
Essential Kit – Rebecca Wilson
I love a bit of enamel, it’s a practice I’m fascinated by and is on my list to try next. For those not familiar with the process, enamelling involves applying powdered glass onto metal, glass or ceramics. The vitreous enamel powders are applied through a fine sieve and the base is then placed inside a kiln at […] Read more – ‘Essential Kit – Rebecca Wilson’.
Essential Kit – Helen Hallows
Sunshine Aug 10
Helen Hallows creates original artwork using ink, collage and stitch, “I aim to capture fleeting moments that catch my eye”. Helens collection includes artwork, coasters, bunting, greetings cards, and porcelain homewares. With such a range of products I was keen to know what’s in her essential tool kit? 1. Stretching tape. I work on watercolour […] Read more – ‘Essential Kit – Helen Hallows’.
My Essential Kit – Ffflowers
Helen Smith of Folksy shop Ffflowers makes fabulous fake flowers using hand-dyed ribbon, buttons and fabric. It's always fascinating to see how we hack our tools to suit our needs. From kebab stick flower looms to children's needles, here, Helen shares with us her essential tool kit for making. Read more – ‘My Essential Kit – Ffflowers’.
My Essential Kit – Kimbows
Kim of Folksy shop Kimbows creates handmade fabric jewellery using glossy painted wooden beads and pretty printed fabrics. With a background in fashion design she has always loved to sew. From vintage sewing books to sand paper & plastic, here she shares with us the craft kit she cannot live without. Read more – ‘My Essential Kit – Kimbows’.