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Merchant & Mills – Sewing Book

by Emily. Average Reading Time: less than a minute.

Now and then something arrives on the doormat at Folksy HQ that makes us all down tools and take notice. The new “Sewing Book” by Merchant & Mills did just that. Over whelmed by frilly craft books in pastel palettes the Sewing Book is a welcome change. Think 19th century newspaper print with a hefty dose of hand drawn instructions and a smattering of “ooh I want you” product images and you’ll begin to get the idea.

With 15 beautiful products to make (the makers apron & tailored shawl being my favourites), plus a whole bunch of homegrown tips on “essential good practice” the Sewing Book is a good read for beginners as well as more seasoned sewers. I’m also a utterly enamoured with their moto “Keep it simple and do it well” – brilliant.

Images by Roderick Field.