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Meet the Makers of The Exclusive Collection

by Emily. Average Reading Time: about 4 minutes.

Three Kings 1

At Folksy we like to find new ways of promoting you guys and Christmas offers us all a great opportunity to really shout about the great talent we have on the site. Our Exclusive Christmas Collection project began back in August as a way of catching the attention of journalists and bloggers who (we hope) will be so impressed with the collection that they  go on to talk about Folksy as a home for great British designers and makers. That’s the theory anyway!

We always say that handmade is about the maker as much as the product so it’s our pleasure, over the next 4 weeks, to introduce you to all the makers behind our wonderful Exclusive Christmas Collection. They’re a bunch of crackers, enjoy!

Cyclamen Pink Hot Water Bottle by Jules Hogan

My garden studio is my creative haven, where I have all of my favourite possessions, colourful yarn, vintage fabrics, reference books, magazines and found objects. Sundays are my favourite time to create, I often go down early in the morning and do not return to the house until evening. Undisturbed apart from my inquisitive dogs Barton and Jaxon or my husband Tim bringing welcome drinks and snacks!

The pattern for my cyclamen pink hot water bottle cover has been developed from a vintage Fair Isle pattern. The exclusive colourway for Folksy has been inspired by the beautiful pink flowers of the Cyclamen that brighten the winter months with its vibrant hue.

The fabric for each piece has been produced on a re-conditioned, hand powered knitting machine. It is then pressed, carefully washed to slightly felt, dried, pressed again and then sewn to make each individual piece. Resulting in a quality hand finished product.

I feel very honoured to have been asked, alongside the other designer makers to take part in the Folksy Collection. It is a fantastic opportunity for me to show and share my work with a wider audience. Being a designer can be quite solitary, this project allows me to give everyone a little insight into my world, and to share my thoughts and ideas. I hope you enjoy it.

Screen Printed Tree Angel by Jane Foster

I live in a modern town house in Totnes, Devon, that’s the closest in character I could find to a 60s town house! (I love 60s architecture!) I have my own studio on the first floor where I design and sew. I’ve many shelves full of vintage fabric on show and many pictures on the wall, so it’s a very colourful room to work in. It’s mainly in this room that everything happens – I work on new designs, sew and often photograph my work. I also spend many hours on my Mac working on my websites whilst listening to music.

We’ve also turned our small utility room into the smallest screen printing studio in the world. It was necessary as we discovered there weren’t any screen printing facilities near here so we (my partner Jim and I) taught ourselves how to expose images onto screens. I print on paper and onto fabric. It’s a good space to try out new ideas.

My motto in life would be follow your dream. Do what you love and love what you do.

Walnut Reindeer by Stewart Orr of ErinRose

I suppose being surrounded by girls (I have two wee daughters) it was inevitable that I’d have to find my own space to hide, and I’ve found that in my garage surrounded by my wood-working equipment. I’ve been a joiner/builder since I left school, and for the last 10 years I’ve also designed the majority of the houses that I’ve built. Last year I finished building our family home and was looking for furniture for it, after lots of internet searches my wife and I had to accept that we couldn’t afford the prices asked for the furniture we really liked, so we decided to spend some of our furniture budget on wood-working equipment and wood, and I would try and make some items. After receiving positive feedback from family and friends I signed up to a couple of local Christmas Fayre’s, and decided to join Folksy. Coming up with a name for the business was probably the biggest challenge, which dominated discussions over dinner for a couple of weeks, but eventually I decided on ErinRose, after our daughters middle names.

The reindeer are great to make as it is a joint effort with my wife, and once assembled they sit on the window-sill in our utility room waiting to be packaged, every time my wife comes up the driveway and sees them she has a big smile on her face, she says they’re a guaranteed way to get you into the Christmas spirit. We’re both looking forward to having them dotted around the house again this Christmas, and hope that other people enjoy them as much as we do.

You can meet more of the makers involved in our Exclusive Christmas Collection next Wednesday! See the full collection here.