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Sewing School – at last!

by Emily. Average Reading Time: less than a minute.

Sewing School - your online source for all things sewing — Ask Sewing School

AT LAST – someone (besides our Mum) to help us overcome our sewing machine fears, pass on great tips and share fab little sewing projects along the way….The Sewing School (it even has a glossary!) Here are a couple of my favourite posts:

Sewing 101: Your Sewing Setup – With a list of must haves for your sewing space and a reading list full of inspiring images and posts from around the net this is a great post for organising that special sewing space.

Thread That Needle! – a whole list of needle threading tips. Thank you Sewing School!

Tutorial: Herringbone Quilt – Once you’ve got all the basics covered you can indulge yourself in making something like this lush herringbone quilted cushion cover. Perfect for sewing newbies and accomplished stitchers alike. I dare you to have a go……