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Meet the Maker – Emily Platt, Lost In Knit

by Emily. Average Reading Time: about 3 minutes.

Emily Platt Twistedtradtitions2

Every so often on Folksy we come across something that just cannot be ignored. Something that we share around the office, get excited about and promise to share with you guys. Stumbling upon Lost in Knit was one of those times. Yes, I know it’s mid-summer and you’re not ready for woolly jumpers yet but we just couldn’t wait. Plus, this gives you plenty of time to get your hands on a pattern and knit something crazy for winter. Pom Pom Necklace anyone?

How long have you been selling on Folksy?

I have only been selling on Folksy for the past couple of weeks. I decided to join Folksy as it has a great range of unique items for sale and it has a community of crafters all working together which is great to be apart of.

So, tell us about your work?

I designed a hand knit collection that was inspired by traditional dress from around the world. I researched into different countries such as Sweden, Russia and Norway and translated embroidery and prints into knitwear designs. The collection is about keeping warm in a unique way that’s still fashionable. I wanted the collection to inspire people to knit which is why I am selling the patterns on Folksy although items can be made for customers if they would like.

Mischa Skirt Pattern £5

How do you keep your designs so unique?

I constantly try to keep up to date with trends and look at what people are wearing through blogs and on the street. I like to take inspiration from other areas away from fashion such as ceramics and traditional items from different countries to keep my work unique.

Are you an organised maker?

I try and be organised while working and like to start one item and work on it until it is completed although this is sometimes hard when the supplies arrive for another project!

Which three tools could you not live without?

I couldn’t live without my range of knitting needle ends as they make my life so easy when changing gauge within my work. My notebook is very important as it contains all the patterns for everything I make and I would be lost without my camera to record everything I do as I wouldn’t be able to post my items on Folksy for people to see.

What gets the creative juices flowing? 

If I’m finding it hard to get creative I like to look at different peoples blogs for new inspiration. I love looking at the-dark-knit for knitwear ideas and printpattern for prints that I could turn into knitwear.

Tribal Hat £30

Where would you like to be in five years time?

I have just finished my fashion degree and so at the moment I am focusing on making to see if I can be successful with my own designs. I would love to be able to live off my own designer knitwear range, that is the dream!

In 5 years time I would love to be able to own a successful knitwear range and be designing knitwear full time.

Any tips for other makers?

As I am also a new designer, I would say to other new starters to just get stuck in and do what you love to do. I love designing knitwear and this keeps me going even when it looks like no one is interested. If you love what you are doing then people will notice.

To see more of Emily’s unique designs visit her Folksy shop Lost In Knit.