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Best craft books for the summer

by Emily. Average Reading Time: almost 3 minutes.


We all dream of lazy Sunday afternoons in the garden with a good book. But with a zillion titles to choose from how do you pick the right one for you? Well, we’ve made it a *little* easier for you by choosing our 5 top summer craft books. From bonkers tea cosy patterns to pretty paper planes, we’ve got it covered. Happy summer folks!

Knitting Everyday Finery RRP £14.99 (Images by Helen Bankers)

This is one of those books that makes you swoon every time you turn the page. Stunning photographs compliment these quirky yet wearable designs perfectly. From Shiraz slippers to tangerine tights each project in this book is an utter turn on. Warning: you do need some skills!

Reinvention: Sewing with rescued materials RRP £16.99

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but it’s hard not to in this case. If the title isn’t alluring enough then the faded cover image of a vintage Singer on an old wooden trolley should do the trick. Hello beautiful book. Covering sewing and printing basics in the first two chapters, Reinvention goes on to feature 28 glorious and practical projects for reusing the materials we have around the house. Woollen trivets, a linen portfolio, a forager skirt for little girls, I could go on and on. If you’re a hoarder and want to find new ways to use some of your stash, then this book is for you.

How Tea Cosies Changed the World RRP £12.99

“You can tell a great deal about a person by their tea cosy, did you know?” says author Loani Prior. In a word, this book is crazy. Good crazy. If you don’t know Loani Prior she’s the Tea Cosy Queen from Australia. Described as “objets d’art” her cosies are wild, ambitious and down right bonkers. And now you can have a go at making your own. If you want to.

Carnival of Felting RRP £14.99

This book is wonderfully charming. It’s the perfect rainy day book; colourful, imaginative and beautiful to look at. Author Gillian Harris guides us through over 20 felt projects from “accessories just for you”, to “pretty things from your home”. The Rockingly Retro pet collar is a must for all doggy lovers while the stunning Banqueting Bunting is top of my list. With a helpful chapter on techniques, this book is great for seasoned felters and newbies alike.

Little Paper Planes RRP £13.99

So this one is just for fun. But that’s not to undermine it as a craft book. Little Paper Planes is a fabulous online artists’ community run by Kelly Lynn Jones. It’s a great source of inspiration for any creatives and always does a great job of feeding my soul. So, what does the book look like? Well it’s a collection of paper planes you can make. The great part being that each plane has been designed by one of the artists from the Little Paper planes community. I don’t think I’ll make any of these planes. What’s more fun is to see what each artist has done with this simple brief, the variety is quite astounding. We have, amongst others, an elaborate hot air balloon with acrobats hanging below from Julia Rothman, an “Exotic Hawk Birdman” from Michael C. Hsiung (?!), the Mix and Match Glider Plane from Lisa Congdon & a delicately patterned conventional paper plane from Ashley Goldberg & Drew Bell. It’s rare to see so many different creative takes on the same brief and for that alone this book is great.