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Lego sewing machine, Reverse applique & The Seed Library….

by Emily. Average Reading Time: about a minute.

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There’s a gazillion things we’d love to share today but, we’ve managed to whittle it down to our favourite four. Enjoy!

The Lego Sewing Machine

How can you not love this? US blogger and designer Betz White posted this on her blog recently – made by her 10yr old son, it’s a lego sewing machine complete with spinning fly wheel, cord and plug, real thread and a “special foot for quilting”. We love it.

Betz White's lego sewing machine
Betz White's lego sewing machine

See more on Betz White’s blog.

The GREAT sewing project

We got super excited about trying this fab reverse applique placemat project from Design Sponge. Quite simply, two or more fabrics are layered and stitched together, then sections of the fabric are cut away to reveal the colours beneath. Brilliant.

Placemat DIY by Brett Bara at Design Sponge
Placemat DIY by Brett Bara at Design Sponge

Plumo on Pinterest 

You know we love Pinterest yes? So it was a delight to come across fashion boutique Plumo there this week. Boards include Spaces & Places, Design in Life and my personal favourite, Backgrounds & Patterns. Gorgeous stuff.

Nick Hand and the Hudson Valley Seed Library

Finally, I caught up with Nick Hand‘s blog again. He’s that fella that rode the British coastline interviewing & photographing makers along the way, remember? Well this year he’s taken his bike to the States where he is following the route of the Hudson River. His most recent encounter was with Ken Green, owner of the Hudson Valley Seed Library. This is a beautifully inspiring story.