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Domestic Sluttery is a blog dedicated to making ordinary things extraordinary. “We want our homes to look good, we want damn tasty food and we want our outfits to be unusual”. But like all modern women, they don’t have the time (or the inclination!) to cook a five course meal, re-decorate the entire house or spend hundreds on quirky original fashion. So, they created a blog that does the hard work for us – simple scrummy dishes and cocktails, style on a shoestring, classy British holidays and lip licking design porn. We love them, so we asked founding Editor Sian Meades to tell us what inspires such greatness!

London transport

Whenever I’m out of ideas, I hop on a bus or train. There’s something about moving and just sitting, watching London whizz by, that really helps me get my thoughts organised. And as much as I might hate rush hour commutes and ticket prices, you meet some very interesting characters on London buses. But really it’s the sitting and having time to think that does it for me.


Tea Pot - Yvonne Ellen
Tea Pot - Yvonne Ellen

I can’t think without tea. Why are you trying to make me think without tea? What form of torture is this?! It’s usually Twinings Everyday and it needs to be hot, with skimmed milk. Ideally in my Wonder Woman mug. I can’t start writing without tea. It’s not necessarily the drink itself, more the ritual that goes with it – I’m either preparing myself and setting up for the day, or I’m having a break and a little bit of thinking time. I always drink herbal tea before bed with a book (yeah, I’m rock ‘n’ roll), it bookends my day.

Good pens

You have to have a good pen to write with. I used to steal mine from my old office because they were so good (I’d then steal them from my friend who still worked there). You can’t write in a pen that doesn’t suit you, but when you’ve got a good pen and a quiet ten minutes you can write anything. It could be the start of a novel, it could be a blog post, anything could happen – that’s on of the very best things about writing. Often, you don’t know what you’re going to write. You can have plans, but sometimes your brain decides otherwise.


Is this cheating? Shush now, it’s my list. So much of my week is spent researching stuff online, and Google is a massive part of that. I like that I can Google something and think ‘that probably doesn’t exist’ (chocolate shoes is a good example of this), and THEY DO EXIST. Google means you discover new stuff just by being curious, it surprises me constantly. I love getting lost online and having no idea how I found a tea towel with a maypole dancing hedgehog. The journey is fun, the internet will constantly surprise us – what’s not inspiring about that?


Not my dinner tonight (takeaway), that’s not inspiring at all. But when my friends come over and I have time to cook something new, or when I go out for dinner with my favourite people and drink slightly too much malbec and have interesting conversations. I’m a slow cooking kind of cook – stirring, leaving stuff in the oven for hours, it gives you time to think. Hanging out with my friends and laughing too hard is more inspiration to me than a whole library of books and a whole gallery of paintings. And there’s the potential for really good cheeses, that’s not to be sniffed at.

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