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Cut Out + Keep is a BRILLIANT online community for making and sharing step-by-step craft tutorials. Recently celebrating it’s 100,000 member, we caught up with the lady behind it all, Cat Morley.

Where did Cut Out + Keep all begin?

Cut Out + Keep started as my craft blog while I was in University. I was making all kinds of things and sharing the tutorials on my site. The blog became popular and members started emailing photos of their versions of my projects, which gave fiancé Tom and I the idea to turn the site in to a community where everyone could share craft tutorials. By the time I graduated, the site had grown in to my full-time job. A few years later, Tom was able to quit his day job and work on the site full time, instead of just evenings and weekends.

Tom the tech guy and other half of Cut Out + Keep
Tom the tech guy and other half of Cut Out + Keep

Describe the Cut Out + Keep community?

Our members are mainly young, hip and female with the majority in the US, Canada and the UK. The community are friendly, positive and super supportive. If I ever need help with a project, or thinking up a great gift idea, the board is the perfect place to get answers. I also love getting feedback on my latest craft projects and seeing all the comments, favorites and other members versions of the project in.

Describe the moment you knew this was going to be big?

There wasn’t one particular moment because it’s been so gradual. We celebrated with a bottle of champagne when we hit 1,000 members in 2007 and then pink champagne when we hit 5,000 a year later. We had to stop celebrating the milestones after that (our champagne bill would’ve added up fast!), but we recently hit 100,000 and had a big dinner with all of our family to celebrate.

Cut Out + Keep HQ
Cut Out + Keep HQ

How many of you are working on Cut Out + Keep now?

Tom and I run the site day to day. I deal with all the editorial and content, while he deals with the tech, design and building the site. We have a wonderful team of writers who contribute to Snippets and we also work with an agency in LA who deal with our advertising, which is great because we don’t really like sales and doubt we’d be very good at it.

What’s your favourite make?

My favourite has always been the rainbow cupcakes but I’m always seeing awesome new projects I love. Recently I’ve fallen in love with this bunting necklace and this illuminated love canvas.

How can we get involved?

We welcome any new crafters to come and share their creations with us. It’s okay to start simple, with just a photo and description, if you’re not feeling confident enough to post a how-to. However, our community is so friendly and welcoming that you’ll be feeling like a regular in no time!

Browse Cut Out + Keep or catch up with Cat’s goings-on here.