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Say hello to Kavita our PR intern

by Emily. Average Reading Time: about a minute.

Hello everyone! My name is Kavita and I am the current PR & Marketing intern at the Folksy. I am a part time free lance writer and fashion blogger at shewearsfashion. I was lucky enough to find an internship that was not only based in Sheffield, but also in a company which I have been an admirer of for quite some time!

I’ve always been a crafty lover, stemming from my mum dragging me to all sorts as a kid. From carboots, to craft fares and yard sales, it’s always been very inspiring to me to do something yourself from nothing.

Part of my job here at Folksy is to look for great craft blogs & also find great new & existing makers out there in the Folksy community. A few of my favourites :


Crown and Glory – Being a fashion girl at heart, my heart melts whenever I see something uber girly. Crown & Glory sell a range of different things, from floral headbands and clips, to detachable flower pins for your shoes – and all handmade with love. Perfect for festivals coming up! 

Mellorware – My boyfriends mum actually owns a fair few mellorware pieces, and everytime I am over I can’t resist ‘uhhming’ and ‘ahhing’ at the cute and dainty designs etched upon each piece.


Kikichoo – Fruits with moustaches – why did no one think of this before? These are the cutest designs in the whole word – And the banana moustache tote bag is on my wishlist!

I’m here for the next couple of weeks so you’ll no doubt hear from me on Twitter or Facebook. Bye for now!