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David Ryan Robinson – Inspired By…

by Emily. Average Reading Time: almost 2 minutes.


How can you not be taken with a chap who’s latest project is a colossal drawing of London? The sketch books on his website are equally inspiring. So what inspires David Ryan Robinson? Cats and Pokemon characters of course. Read on…..

One… Cats

Cats, more specifically my cats. Here you can see one of my cats having a great time in a bin! When ever I am stuck for what to draw, I draw a few cats, then ideas come flowing back.

Two… Sev

A boy I used to know. He used to play video games a lot. I haven’t seen him for a while now, although he sometimes creeps up unexpectedly whenever there are any elites around. I call him Sev (short for a name I gave him, “Se7en One”. It’s a long story that is briefly explained here!)

Three… Phil Vong

An inspirational wise chinese man called Phil Vong. I met him once and he gave me a few pointers in life:

-Walk when you have a bicycle

-Save things for the daytime

-Always go out with a bang

-Watch out for the sweeping kick

To this day I still don’t really understand what he met. However illustrator Simonlee drew this very nice picture of him.

Four… Adventure Time

Adventure Time, with Finn and Jake. What’s not to love about Adventure Time? The unique style of the characters, amazing humor and grim storyline following the aftermath of a nuclear explosion, resulting the near extinction of the human race and bringing the Candy People to life. Pure inspiration even before I started work at Cartoon Network. Since working for them my love has grown even more. Favorite character has got to be Beemo!

Five… Ambipom

Ambipom, one of my favorite creatures to keep alongside me and one of the best fake out leads of inspiration. Such a nice design. My love for Ambipom can be seen in a couple of my illustrations and although I play with him less these days, he still remains deep in my heart.

You can see more of David’s work on his website and if you like his stuff I would strongly recommend you have a nosey through his sketch books. They’re great.