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Meet the Makers… YOKE

by Emily. Average Reading Time: about 3 minutes.


Let a bit of colour to your life with Mr & Mrs Yoke.

I was taken with the bright, child-like simplicity of your work. Tell us about your designs.

YOKE’s philosophy is keeping it simple and our iconic, bright, bold, beautiful illustrations are sure to brighten the gloomiest of days! We find the easiest way to do this is to use cut paper to create our illustrations. Every piece is cut out by hand then pieced together digitally. We then hand print our illustrations onto our products.

Tea towels - Yoke
Tea towels - Yoke

What’s your favourite piece of work? 

Our favorite products are definitely our A2 screen prints as it’s where it all started for us. Nothing beats the unpredictability of a good screen print!

"We Can Move Mountains" screen print - Yoke
"We Can Move Mountains" screen print - Yoke

When did it all begin for you?

YOKE was formed after we left university in 2010. We met at college and instantly hit it off. We had an unspoken rivalry as to who could draw better! When we both moved back to our hometown, Perth, it was the perfect opportunity to join creative forces!

Tell us about your work space? 

We’re based in a fantastically old auction house in Perth. There’s a real sense of the building’s history wherever you look- from the mishmash of different wall materials to old signs hinting back to its previous uses. We love exploring and feel very lucky to have such a lovely place to call home! (even if the odd pigeon does pop in to say hello!)

Mr & Mrs Yoke at the studio
Mr & Mrs Yoke at the studio

Talk us through your day as makers.

After working hard at our day jobs we like to meet in the studio and catch up with what’s happened the night before. We never have an agenda to work to but always make time to have a dance around the studio. Mr YOKE’s tango is coming along nicely!

What gets the creative juices flowing?

We are inspired by popular culture, things that make us laugh and the little things people take for granted. We think it’s important to look outside the design world for inspiration.

"Brian Says Hiya" tote - Yoke
"Brian Says Hiya" tote - Yoke

There is a wonderful simplicity to your work. How do you know when a piece is done?

We always begin an illustration with a story or scenario and then strip it back to it’s simplest form. In can be really easy to over work an illustration but it’s about being confident to be minimal. Less is more as they say!

What’s do you love most about being makers?

We love being able to be our own boss and be in control of our own future. Everything about YOKE is hands-on so a little piece of ourselves goes into every illustration and it’s a great feeling to see people getting happiness from our work.

Greetings cards - Yoke
Greetings cards - Yoke

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years time?

From here we want to keep expanding YOKE and already have lots of ideas for more fabulous products! We also want to grow our freelance portfolio and have just finished the branding for an interior design company in New York.

Screen printing fun - Yoke
Screen printing fun - Yoke

What would you say to any newbie makers?

Research and plan before you launch. We spent a year planning and branding YOKE before we started and it really paid off. Finally find a balance between what you love and what the market needs- then it’ll all come naturally!


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4 comments on ‘Meet the Makers… YOKE’

  1. Ah ha – ‘research and plan before your launch’ – top advice -wish I’d thought of that a year ago!! Brilliant feature – lovely work. :-)

  2. Nice I love how bold your work is! Really suits the screenprinting process, lovely : )

  3. Sarah says:

    It’s always great to see advice from people already doing what I dream of, and succeeding! Love your work!

  4. Grasi says:

    I love the bright colours that you use and the simplicity of your designs, the end product looks fantastic.

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