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Iona Brown – Inspired By…

by Emily. Average Reading Time: about a minute.

Iona Brown cropped-double

Iona Brown caught my eye recently with her stunning jewellery collection made using a mixture of salt and metal. Her use of emerging salt crystals fascinates me. It’s a collection I really want to get my hands on, to have a close look at each piece, to see how it’s made, to touch it, smell it. And once I’ve had a good nosey at it, I might even like to have a go at wearing it.

Here she tells us her top five inspirations.

One… North West Scotland

The colour pallet of earthy greens browns and greys throughout North West Scotland creates contrasts and patterns with the man-made and natural angular shapes.

Two… The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea in Israel where the salt formations fascinate me. Despite the ordinary nature of salt, it’s importance in cultures and ways of life throughout history is intriguing to me.

Three… the Tuareg tribe

For the Tuareg tribe salt has been vital for centuries in maintaining their way of life, yet is viewed universally as an abundant resource.

Four… John Pawson

The minimal, angular lines, shapes and spaces that emerge in the contemporary architecture of John Pawson.

Five… Design for India

Professor M P Ranjan from the NID (National Institute of Design, India) and the work of The Design for India Project in enabling and inspiring communities and individuals to use design in new ways of thinking across a range of human and business activities.


You can have a closer look at Iona’s work on her website.