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A little vintage inspiration

by Emily. Average Reading Time: less than a minute.

Fancy a little vintage inspiration? This glorious film, Island People from the British Councils collection, shows the day-to-day lives of the British family in 1941; their varied careers, an unwavering passion for sport and dancing and a love for the occasional, well-deserved drink at a traditional public house.

The original aim of this film was to demonstrate the fundamental values of British society; hard work, sport, family, home and togetherness. Although a great piece of PR for it’s time, it’s also a great source of inspiration for today. Awesome images of industrial Britain, cotton spinners, miners, farmers, and then we are introduced to some of the “great pillars” of our society; a Doctor, a Captain, Sam Hawker, the Silversmith from Birmingham “a master crafter” and my personal favourite Elizabeth Davies, the Private Secretary from London, (seriously girls, where can I get her dress??). Enjoy.

You can see more of the British Councils collection of films on vimeo.

2 comments on ‘A little vintage inspiration’

  1. Caroline says:

    Incredible! Was that when Great Britain really was great, with full industry and employment (even though it was war time)? Or did everyone just “know their place” and expect less? I didn’t see any non-white faces either. Some inspiration yes but I think I’d rather live nowadays and appreciate the bits that were good about the past.

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