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My Essential Kit – Kimberley Golding, Mini Magpie

by Emily. Average Reading Time: about 2 minutes.


Mini Magpie is the new upcycled babywear brand by Kimberley Golding. Each kooky design is dictated by what she can make from pre-loved knitwear. Her signature piece – the woolly playsuits – have a fantastically retro feel to them – the kind of thing us 70’s babies lived in.

Here she talks us through her 8 essential tools for making.

Mini Magpie Essential Kit

1. Clear Plastic bags. I found a few hundred of these clear plastic bags in a skip five years ago and I am still using them to separate, organize and protect everything. Here they are looking after pom poms. They usually have things written on them in marker, I forget what the labels are relating to.

2. Tape Measure. This was my mother’s. It is used to grade the baby Playsuits after they have been made. I measure from collar to crotch. The stickers on the measure indicate the different age groups and I label the Playsuit the size closest. Because my Playsuits are made from upcycled materials, I don’t work to a pattern and so don’t know how big the suits will be until they are finished.

3. Grey Thread. I love this colour as it matches so much and I am too lazy to change thread.

4. Pins. These are useful as they have glass beads on the ends so it is harder to miss them. Very important with my boy running around.

5. Sammy The Doll. I bought this new from Amazon to display the baby clothes, but I have found him more useful to try on hats and suits to make sure of their sizes. Now my son is 2 it is harder remembering the smaller baby sizes.

6. Care Labels. I usually use 100% wool jumpers, but my rule is a minimum of 80% natural fibres for the main body of the clothes, sometimes less for trimmings. To remember the fabric contents of unusual jumpers I cut a piece of the jumper and stick with the care label so I can recall the percentages when I come to labeling the garments, which can be a couple of weeks after I have first cut it up.

7. Scissors. I really like these, they work fine in the left hand too unlike so many others! When they started to blunt recently I invested in a sharpener and they are good as new.

8. Pom Pom Makers. These contraptions make Pom Pom making a lot quicker and more consistent. I almost gave up making them when I realised how much time it was taking up, then found these after searching online.